Providing Superior Utility Fleet Services


Learn About the Utility Fleet Services Offered Here at JEM-JAY

Preventive Maintenance Programs and Services:

A good service and preventive maintenance program plays a crucial role in many aspects in the utility industry and the job site. JEM-JAY performs existing maintenance programs you already have in place, or they will implement a tailored program to meet your specific needs. Is your fleet of equipment breaking down more frequently? Maybe changing your preventative maintenance program and service intervals are needed? Does the majority of your equipment work in harsh terrain and extreme weather conditions?  Do you have a preventive maintenance program in place prior to critical jobs like scheduled outages, wire pulls, and storm restoration efforts? Call Us at (207) 660-5516 today and JEM-JAY will help you obtain these goals.

Dielectric, Annual, DOT Inspections: 

JEM-JAY performs these services on aerial lifts, pole setting, and wiring string equipment annually, or after a major repair has been completed (which may require re-testing). JEM-JAY follows and practices all OEM and ANSI protocols to ensure a proper annual inspection is completed. Once the inspection is done you will receive a completed inspection form and a detailed condition report of your equipment. The report will state the required items needed for a passing inspection sticker and its safe return to service and/or recommended repairs to prevent unexpected future break downs. Contact us today at (207) 660-5516 to discuss and schedule your inspection needs.

Onsite Equipment Repairs and Critical Job Site Support Services

Onsite Equipment Repairs: JEM-JAY is fully outfitted and particularly suited to carry out all of your repair needs. They specialize in electrical and hydraulic diagnosing and repair and can properly diagnose, adjust, and repair those issues quickly returning your equipment back to service.  The JEM-JAY service truck is equipped with all of the right tools to complete those repairs. It’s also stocked with a good inventory of commonly used Altec, Terex, truck chassis, and trailer parts to address these issue on the first visit, hopefully eliminating a return trip and getting your equipment back up and running as quickly as possible. A large inventory of adaptors, couplers, hose crimp fittings and hoses for conductive and non conductive applications is keep on board. With a portable Parker hose crimper all of these hose assembly’s can be made onsite. 

Critical Job Site Support Service: These services apply to those situations where it’s crucial that you have the best plan in place and opportunity for a positive outcome. Scheduled outages, wire pulls, and storm restoration efforts are some of most demanding moments in our industry. Having an experienced technician, a tooled and stocked service truck onsite with years of experience in these situations play an important role in it’s success. Whether you need a pre job inspection of your equipment to help prevent avoidable unforeseen issues from occurring, or added security of an experienced technician onsite during outages, wire pulls, or to travel with you to make sure your equipment gets to location and operates as it should during storm restoration efforts. Call JEM-JAY we can help. 

Equipment and Fleet Assessment Services:

This unique service provided by JEM-JAY helps a potential seller and buyer. As a seller, a fleet assessment report can add value to the sale by confirming that their equipment is as good as they says it is with a third party assessment from JEM-JAY.  It will help you to get a better price and ensure the new owner that they are getting what they are paying for and help in closing the purchase.

As a potential buyer, or company that has recently purchased a fleet of equipment this service can help determine if the value of the purchase is there. It will expose potential unforeseen major repair and/or safety issues. Help identify immediate expenses needed to get the equipment to operating order on the job site.